Meet the OrthoPAC Squad
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Advancing Orthopaedics for Good

Heroes Wanted!

Protect the autonomy of orthopaedists and the quality of the care we provide!

When the Orthopaedic PAC squad unites, they send a strong, collective and clear message that we fight to advance our legislative agenda. As the OrthoPAC squad grows, that message resonates louder.

We have raised: $1,400,100!

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The Issues

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) tracks and addresses issues that threaten the ability of orthopaedists to provide the highest possible quality of care. Aiding them in their fight is the mighty OrthoPAC Squad: an elite team of heroes dedicated to protecting every orthopaedist and their patients. You can bone up on those battles here.

The Battle of Proliferating Paperwork!

Skeletal Man vs Red Tape Mummy

Skeletal Man

At a time when it often feels like paperwork is paramount to patient care, physicians can find themselves spending 50% of their time on paperwork. Blame it on bureaucrats, administrators, lawyers, insurers, coupled with inoperable EHRs (not designed by doctors), along with little clerical support, it all adds to the growing mass of required paperwork. Skeletal Man is here to save the day, selflessly slashing Red Tape and prioritizing patients over paperwork.


  • E/M Documentation Changes
  • OrthoPAC Hits $4M Raised

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Red Tape Mummy

If You Aren’t at the Table, You’re the Main Course

Lady Ligament Vs The Reckless Rubberstamper

Lady Ligament

Join everyone’s favorite Flexible Fundraiser on her crusade to stretch OrthoPAC’s reach! As we find the state of health care in uncharted waters, there has never been a more pivotal time for us, as physicians, to be at the helm of the debate. Like it or not, Congress is in our business, looking to dramatically reform our healthcare system, and our adversaries would certainly like to have a say in how we deliver care. Fortunately, Lady Ligament is here to defend our specialty in all political settings! Help her make sure we have a say in how we deliver care — without any reckless rubber-stamping!


  • IPAB repealed
  • Influence and corporate war chest increased

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The Reckless Rubberstamper

The Battle of the Vertical and Horizontal Integration

Ancillary Annie Vs. The Consolidator

Ancillary Annie

It’s a showdown at the AAOS corral! After a quarter-century of mega-mergers and large hospital systems using their market power to demand high prices from the privately insured as well as the uninsured, Ancillary Annie has arrived and she’s got the Consolidator dead in her sights! There’s little evidence that hospital mergers lead to higher quality care — especially when they use their market power to demand higher prices. Thank goodness this consolidatin’-hatin’ cowgirl is here to promote choice and competition.


  • Site Neutral in Outpatient Final Rule 2019
  • Fighting for Physician Owned Hospitals

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The Consolidator

The Battle of Limited Research Resources

Mighty Microscope Vs. The Pretender

Mighty Microscope

Just when we need it most, research funding for musculoskeletal health has stagnated. Musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are the leading cause of disability in the United States and account for over half of all chronic conditions in people over 50 years of age in developed countries. In fact, one in two adults reported a chronic musculoskeletal condition in 2011. The Mighty Microscope is our champion, advocating for the funding our specialty — and society! — deserves.


  • PRORP funding triumphs
  • Scope of Practice legislation

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The Pretender

For the Love of Liability Reform

Radical Reformer Vs. Frivolous Fox

Radical Reformer

He’s on a mission to improve patient safety and access to care! In a world where 10% of healthcare spending in the United States can be attributed to the cost of litigation and defensive medicine, the Radical Reformer knows where his duties lie: fighting back against the Frivolous Fox. Liability reform reduces defensive medicine practices and results in serious savings in overall health care expenditures.


  • Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act Becomes Law!
  • “Good Samaritan” emerges from committee

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Frivolous Fox

Mission: Permission

Super Specialty Vs. The Bone Breaker

Super Specialty

Prior authorization: the tool of choice for health insurers to deny care? Few issues frustrate physicians more than asking for permission from a patient's insurance company before prescribing medications or performing medical procedures. The time spent by staff members, physicians, and patients on persuading insurance companies is expensive and may detract from patient care. Have no fear, Super Specialty is here — working to reform prior authorization and any barriers patients face when accessing specialty care.


  • Insurance reforms
  • NCOIL adopts AAOS language

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Bone Breaker
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Skeletal Man and Lady Ligament

Heroes Wanted!

Protect the autonomy of orthopaedists and the quality of the care we provide!

When the Orthopaedic PAC squad unites, they send a strong, collective and clear message that we fight to advance our legislative agenda. As the OrthoPAC squad grows, that message resonates louder.

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